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24. April 2017
Relaxation technique to relax your whole body, mind and eyesight.
19. April 2017
Walking has lots of benefits for your health; it activates the blood circulation and tones your muscles. According to different researches, walking decreases the risk of diseases such as hypertension, and diabetes. Emotionally helps us relax and calm the mind. But did you know what is also good for your vision? Take the opportunity to go out this spring! Walk, enjoy outside, breathe fresh air and improve your vision.
04. April 2017
Lots of people wonder what they are going to learn in a natural vision workshop, they question if it is going to be useful or not. A common concern is if that investment of time and money will be worth or not. There you have some of the things that you can expect of a natural vision workshop.
19. March 2017
Pinhole glasses are glasses with a black grill with small holes instead a lens. This makes that the images come perpendicularly to the cornea, as in normal vision. People with visual troubles can see clearly with them, which is amazing.
15. March 2017
Today, I share with you a story that you can use during palming with your kids. It is especially addressed to children with farsightedness (hyperopia), but anyone can use it during their palming :) It is so helpful to imagine miniature worlds, since stimulating the visual imagination helps to improve the vision.
27. February 2017
A few days ago, I was waiting for a delayed flight at the airport. I felt tired of waiting and bored. In moments like that, I always practice some of the Bates Method exercises. It is a funny way to spend your time while you practice healthy visual habits. In addition, any airport, with its infrastructure, elements, colors and different people is a great place to practice. And this time, during my stay there, I thought that I should share it with you. If you are one of those who spend many...
13. February 2017
Last week, I talked about movement and my experiences with it. Although, the true is that I didn't deep about how to practice the movement in our daily life and in our vision. As well as, I've decided that is a good chance to speak about this principle and about how to integrate it. Movement is part of life and part of planet earth. We are in constant movement, as are our eyes It is curious to think that an eye is moving all the time. Although we can not perceive it, it moves. In fact, an eye...
05. February 2017
Today, I want to share with you something that I wrote during my Bates Method training. This story is all about movement, and it is about my way of perceiving it in that moment. Believe me, it has not been easy at all to translate it from Spanish to English. There are too many feelings and Spanish words in there. But, I hope you can understand it. Movement is one of the three Bates Method principles. Relaxation and central fixation are the other two. Bates said that movement was one of the...
23. January 2017
The Bates Method and the natural alternative to glasses suit really well to kids. In fact, the visual recovery is quicker than in adults. This is because when you are younger, you have more brain plasticity and more ability to modify brain and cellular structures. In addition, children have not been squeezing their eye muscles and wearing glasses for years like adults. Therefore, it is easier for the muscle to return to its original size. For these reasons and because children (usually) do not...
16. January 2017
Today, many people work in offices. With the post tittle I am not saying that working in the office is a nightmare and you have to survive of someway or another. But, you will agree with me that your eyes and your body feel resentful. Although I don't mean only offices, I actually mean people who use the computer for many hours every day. And yes, I am also inside that group; I do not work in a conventional office, but I spend many hours at the computer everyday for work. There are several...

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