ONLINE Private lessons:

Adults and children can participate in private lessons. Every lesson is adapted to the personal condition and age of the student. 


Private lessons are an hour long and are entirely practical. During the lessons, different activities bring about relaxation and movement to the eyes with the intention of improving eyesight and integrating natural vision to everyday life. Also, it promotes awareness about the process.


The sessions develop in a safe environment in which the student feels comfortable. Gradually, students gain confidence in their abilities and in the process. Finally, the student integrate the natural vision again, and it makes possible to dispense with the glasses. 


Every case and person is different. But, in the beginning, with about one weekly session for 6 to 10 weeks, participants learn the basics of Natural Eyesight and they experience improvement. After that, they can attend biweekly or monthly meetings as appropriate. 


  Please, contact me for further information. 



I hold a PVG scheme certificate to work with children.