Glasses are not the solution

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When people start to wear glasses, they feel uncomfortable, unusual, their visual field is limited and they have to get used to wearing something on their faces. The first thought is that is annoying. In addition, the images are distorted - they see things smaller or bigger than normal, and their perception of distance changes. They feel their eyes are straining. They can see more clearly now, but it feels weird.


The optometrist says you will get used to them but our body is trying to tell us something is wrong just as it did when we started to have visual problems. But often, we don't listen to it.


On the other hand, every time we go to the optometrist we need stronger glasses, so it would seem that glasses aren’t an effective solution.


Glasses affect your behaviour, and how you feel. And to using them promotes a way of seeing and thinking based on analytical judgement. 


Since a natural eyesight perspective, glasses discourage the natural movement and relaxation, they put tension in the eyes and they narrow the periphery. They actually make your own natural vision worse.  

During the workshops and private lessons, we take off the glasses and we practice the Bates Method. Taking off your glasses for longer periods is a personal process and everyone approaches it differently. People usually start to take off them at times which they feel safe and comfortable. Little by little, they gain confidence and they need them less and less. Some people use their old glasses with a weaker prescription to ease the process.