"Dynamic workshop where you can experience the different Bates Method exercises and you get results with every one. In addition, Marina is quite attentive and she strives for making arrive to the participants the method principles during the workshop"

Jose Luis, Murcia (Spain)
"Marina is a great workshop facilitator and teacher. She is knowledgeable, calm and patient and gives attention and care to her class participants. It is apparent that she really believes in the vision restoration process and she transmits this belief to others" 

Harris, Edinburgh, (Scotland)
"I attended to a great Bates Method workshop in Alicante with Marina. After reading the book and attending the workshop I have started to take off my glasses. I have realized that it wasn't coherent to wear them. 
In the workshop, I learnt the importance of relaxation and the constancy with the exercises for getting the best results.I highly recommend to attend to the workshop because it is innovative and useful. Also, when you take off your glasses progressively you start to feel better with yourself and with more self confidence"

Amalia, Alicante (Spain) 
"My name is Estefania, I am a spanish lady who has been using glasses daily during the last 10 years. I was very dependent on them all the time, I could not wake up without my glasses. I have had several sessions with Marina during the last few months and my vision has improved with the exercises that she taught me to do and I have been doing by myself. I am not dependent on my glasses anymore, actually I do not use them all the time, only for the necessary things like watching tv or using the computer, and that is a success to me. I am very happy with the results and I highly recommend her therapy for anyone interested in improving their vision in a natural and easy way or stopping wearing glasses.
This has changed the way I "look at" the world :-)"

Estefania, Valencia, (Spain)


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