Some suggestions about natural eyesight books and nutrition:

Natural Eyesight books:

  • Christopher Markert, “Seeing Well Again Without Your Glasses”. The C.W. Daniel Company Ltd, Saffron Walden, England
  • Esther Joy van der Werf, “Read Without Glasses at Any Age – The Natural Method to Near Vision Clarity”, Vision of Joy, Ojai, California
  • Esther Joy van der Werf Ed., “Bates Method Nuggets – The Fundamentals of Natural Vision Improvement by William H Bates, MD”, Vision of Joy, Ojai, California
  • Jacob Liberman, “Take Off Your Glasses And See – How To Heal Your Eyesight and Expand Your Insight”, Harper Collins Publishers, London
  • Leo Angart, "Magic Eyes. Vision Training for Children", Crownhouse Publishing Limited,  Wales, and Bethel
  • Martin Brofman, "Improve your vision" Findhorn Press Ltd. (2 Mar. 2004)
  • Meir Schneider, “Vision For Life – Ten Step to Natural Eyesight Improvement”, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California
  • Meir Schneider, “Yoga For Your Eyes – Natural Vision Improvement Exercises”, Sounds True Inc, Boulder, Colorado
  • Meir Schneider, “Movement for Self-Healing – An Essential Guide for Anyone Seeking Wellness”, New World Library, Novato, California
  • Ray Gottlieb, “Attention & Memory Training – Stress-Point Learning on the Trampoline”, Optometric Extension Program Foundation
  • Roberto Kaplan, “Seeing Without Glasses – A Step-by-Step Approach to Improving Eyesight Naturally”, Beyond Worlds Publishing Inc., Hillsboro, Oregon
  • Roberto Kaplan, “The Power Behind Your Eyes – Improving Your Eyesight With Integrated Vision Therapy”, Healing Arts Press, Rochester, Vermont
  • Roberto Kaplan, “Conscious Seeing – Transforming Your Life Through Your Eyes”, Beyond Worlds Publishing Inc., Hillsboro, Oregon
  • Thomas R Quackenbush, “Relearning To See – Improve Your Eyesight – Naturally!”, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California
  • Thomas R Quackenbush Ed., “Better Eyesight – The Complete Magazines of William H Bates”, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California
  • William H Bates, “The Bates Method for Better Eyesight Without Glasses”, Harper Collins Publishers.

Nutrition books:

  • Arnold Ehret ,"Mucusless Diet Healing System: Scientific Method of Eating Your Way to Health". Anv Edition
  • Arnold Ehret, "Rational fasting" Ehret Literature Publishing
  • Herbelt M Shelton, "Food Combaning", Book Pub Company