Relearning to see

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Around 100 years ago, Dr William H Bates found out the differences between people who see clearly and people who don't. His conclusion was that they use their eyes in a different way.


William H Bates explains us in his publications that blurring eyesight is not a physical defect of our eyes. We squeeze our extra-ocular and intra-ocular muscles.


We have learnt to use them in this way. This is due to our thoughts, experiences, feelings, and our way of relating with ourselves, with others, and the world.


We can relearn to see again and become aware of how our eyes feel and as we feel. We can change our visual habits.


With the help of a Natural Eyesight teacher, you can learn some exercises that help to relax your mind and body as well as your eyes.It’s a different idea from exercises practiced separately such as in sports like gymnastics. It’s about developing an effortless awareness of what are doing and gradually integrating  new ways of seeing, thinking, and being.



A Natural Eyesight teacher will guide you in this process. They’ll help you to become aware of your current habits and to replace unhelpful ones with healthy ones for good.


During the workshops and private sessions, students take off their glasses and through exercises, movement, and visual games. They learn how to relax their eyes, and most participants experience noticeable eyesight improvement.


Everybody can do it. Children and adults improve their eyesight and prevent possible visual defects thanks to The Bates Method and Natural Eyesight. With practise, you can take off your glasses and see normally - you only need perseverance and to desire it.