Workshops and online programs

Learn The Bates Method  and improve your vision without glasses, easy and quick.

Choose the best workshop for you: face to face or online. 

Vision retreats

An immersion in the natural vision for a week. Perfect chance for enjoying your holidays, relax and improve your vision in a beautiful environment in the middle of the nature. 

Private lessons

One to one lessons for adults and children. Specially useful in hard cases or eye diseases.


What is The Bates Method? How does it work? Is it useful in all the cases? All the answers to this questions, some practice and more in this introductory talk.

Corporate course

Short and practical course addressed to workers who use computers and work in office. In this course, students will learn healthy vision habits and how to release tension in their eyesight.


Different yoga styles in Cardiff. Group classes, corporate yoga and one to one lessons. All levels are welcome.  Yoga retreats in Spain.