Most of the Bates Method techniques can be practiced in our daily life, whilst walking for example. There are others, like palming, which require short periods to practice, but are perfectly suited to normal life.


The following tips are good for everyone's vision and improve eyesight:


  • Be aware of your eyes, feel them: how do they feel?
  • Be present: when you practice the Bates Method don't be distracted and be awareness in your eyes
  • Blink softly and often
  • Breathe in deeply and breathe out by emptying all the air from your lungs
  • Don't forget the periphery. Be aware of it. If you look at something, be aware of the things you are not looking at; they are all there, trees, people, cars, etc. 
  • Don't wear sunglasses. We need sun and it can only enter through our eyes. If you wear glasses your eyes lose their capacity for adapting to light changes. Sunglasses are only required in extreme situations, such as when in snow or in the sea
  • Practice sunning: if you can, always go into the sun
  • Practice palming: if you feel tired practice this at least twice per day
  • Eat healthily
  • Enjoy the fresh air
  • Develop an active lifestyle: practice a sport suited to you
  • If possible replace prescription glasses for pinhole glasses 
  • If you are reading or on the computer, after a while, look up and far away. Take breaks for palming
  • If you are tired, take a rest
  • Look and search for details, practice shifting and looking for colours, enjoy this experience
  • Practice the long swing before sleeping. This relaxes the body
  • Practice shifting while you are walking
  • Sleep in a dark room; this relaxes our eyesight even with closed eyes
  • Stimulate your visual memory and imagination: look at an object, close your eyes and remember it for a few seconds. Start with small objects  
  • Try not to wear prescription glasses in familiar places
  • Yawn: this helps to release tension