Guided palming for children

Today, I share with you a story that you can use during palming with your kids. It is especially addressed to children with farsightedness (hyperopia), but anyone can use it during their palming :)  It is so helpful to imagine miniature worlds, since stimulating the visual imagination helps to improve the vision.

Let's see again how to do palming;


Palming is a practice that comes from yoga. It can be a kind of meditation, which helps us to gain a new awareness of our eyes and relaxation.



This involves covering your closed eyes with your palms, lightly cupped over each eye. It is important to be in a comfortable position for this, such as leaning on a cushion on a table. With our hands covering our eyes, we open our eyes to check there is no light visible. If any light is coming in, we adjust our hand position to achieve total darkness. 

During palming we become aware of our breathing and the feeling in our eyes so we can visualize the improvement in our vision.  After a while we remove our hands, and little by little we open our eyes and then, we look at the world.


If the child is too little to make palming for himself/herself; you can help him/her. You can sit and your child lies resting her head on your lap face up or you can sit with legs open, place a cushion on your chest and belly and she or he can rest on the cushion and you can cover her/his eyes with your hands.


Here is the audio and the transcription of a first part of a story.

The key of Purpuria

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Rubi. Rubi was 8 years old and loved outdoor activities. She felt attracted for the enchanted and fantasy worlds that hide behind the woods, as fairy and gnomes worlds.


Near her house, there was a forest. Rubi used to go every Sunday morning with her dog Cocoa. Cocoa was 100% pure cocoa black color, drooping ears, small size and the softest fur that you could find. Although when he came back from the forest his coat was never as soft as when he arrived. Cocoa enjoyed wallowing in mud and grass all around.


As every Sunday, Rubi and Cocoa went to the forest. It was a beautiful and shining day, with the sun illuminating the whole landscape. Rubi threw a ball to Cocoa, and he ran to pick it up and gave it back to her. After a while, Cocoa stopped, and instead of picking up the ball and returning it to Rubi, Cocoa barked and stared at front of him as if someone was there. Rubi came and saw nothing, but Cocoa insisted. Therefore, Rubi thought that maybe it was something so small than she could not see it but Cocoa could. And she looked and looked, looked at the trees, looked at the plants, looked at the ground, and there it was; Bright dust moving all around and with it a little fairy trying to speak with Rubi. There was no way to understand her. Rubi couldn't hear her clearly. Suddenly, as if it were rain, fairy dust began to drop around Rubi and Cocoa, until both became tiny beings. Rubi was delighted to see Cocoa. She looked at her own hand and couldn't t believe it, she was so small as a bug. And the most curious thing is that her clothes too!


Then, they could understand Layla, the magic fairy who only wanted to show them her miniature universe.Layla took them to see the small city where she lived. It was a village called Purpuria with small houses, all purple houses. Rubi was amazed to see them. Each cottage had a garden; the garden had flowers and plants of all colors. It was a special place; everything was very beautiful and different to her city. The people were tiny, but they were lovely. Everyone wanted to meet Cocoa and Rubi, because they knew they were foreign coming from a very far place that was unknown to them. One of the citizens wanted to invite them to have lunch at his house and show them the Purpuria jewels. For lunch, they ate the smallest peas and tomatoes that you could see, but still they fed a lot. Then, they showed them a magic coffer, there was a small box inside, inside the box was a tiny and purple key and he gave the key to Rubi

Rubi did not understand why he gave her that key. But Layla said; you will understand it when you need to understand it.


Then, Layla went back to the forest, she knew that Rubi and Cocoa had to go back home soon. Rubi kept the key and began to drop bright dust on her and on Cocoa with what they returned to become in their normal size. They walked home, and on her way, Rubi touched the tiny purple key wondering why she would need it and remembering the Layla's words: you will understand it when you need to understand it.


To be continued

Use this story or whatever you want to read to your children during palming :)

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