Six exercises to practice The Bates Method at the airport

A few days ago, I was waiting for a delayed flight at the airport. I felt tired of waiting and bored. In moments like that, I always practice some of the Bates Method exercises. It is a funny way to spend your time while you practice healthy visual habits. In addition, any airport, with its infrastructure, elements, colors and different people is a great place to practice. And this time, during my stay there, I thought that I should share it with you.


If you are one of those who spend many hours every year in the airport, for sure you get to use to wait and you already have your tools to combat that boredom. But, today I bring you some ideas that you may want to try.

When we are taking a flight, all our senses have to be activated, either by a possible change in itinerary, time, delay, or anything that may happen. And that is true; sometimes it's a stressful situation.


The first thing I recommend is that you try to relax, go your plane late or not. If you get anxiety, try breathing deeply and take the "exercises" as a game. Overall, you have nothing better to do. Dare to take off your glasses in unknown territory (if you wear them) and explore!

1. Moving walkway

On the moving walkway you can see the opposite movement. As you move from one terminal to another you can enjoy watching things move backwards. Watching this movement relaxes your vision and it is funny.

2. Flight information screen

Whenever I fly, I practice looking at the information screen as if it were an eye chart. I look for the maximum distance to which I can see it, I step back and introduce some elements such as swaying, shifting or blinking.

3. Look away

Look away and relax your lens. Whenever I'm at an airport I try to look for a window and look at the landscape. Do not squeeze your muscles, your eyes and your forehead. We seek to relax, and it's great to relax your lens because you can look far, not like in the city.

4. Stimulate your memory

Are you still bored? Stimulate your memory and imagination. Look at a detail, close your eyes and try to remember it in your mind for a few seconds. Open your eyes again and look for another detail. Start with small objects, as it will be easier for you. Any airport has millions of details, symbols and colors. Enjoy with the variety.

5. Coloring mandalas.

 Now, the mandalas coloring books and other drawings are very fashionable. In the airport shops you can find them or bring it from home. Use colorful pencils. This way you will practice the central fixation.

6. Find your suitcase, centralize and shift

Although, this exercise is done when landing, it is very interesting. If you have checked in your luggage, looking for the suitcase among all the others is a great centralization work. Also, you can do this at any time during your wait. For example, look for red suitcases, purples ones or people with hats,  and nose draw the objects you are looking for.

Do not forget to check the flight status every time! And remember there are always opportunities to have fun practicing the Bates Method. Enjoy your trip and don't forget to practice also on the way back. :) 


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