Relaxation technique for your mind, body and eyes

Nowadays, many people are stressed out due to our modern life in civilization. Going, coming, working and dealing with other issues makes that we feel tired, anxious and even depressed.

As I've said many times, the bad eyesight is related to tension and stress. To improve it we have to induce relaxation. In addition, relaxation is one of the three principles of The Bates Method. You can practice them at specific moments of stress, but the interesting thing would be to integrate them into our daily life (just like the natural vision) in order to change our lifestyle towards a healthier one.

Today, we are going to see a relaxation technique  for those moments that I mentioned above.


First of all make sure that the atmosphere of the room is nice, with warm temperature. You can use elements like candles and relaxing music. Also you put an eye pillow over your closed eyes.


Lie on your back on the bed or a mat. Relax your hips and open your legs slightly, so your feet point out. The hands are facing up and the arms at the sides of the body. Place a blanket over your body to keep your body warm.


Now you can close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Be aware of the air coming in and out of the nose. Feel the air caressing your nose when you inhale and exhale. It also feels like as you inhale your abdomen expands to fill with air and when you exhale it contracts as you empty the air. Do 10 breaths.

Now you are going to focus on each part of your body. You will start with your head; feel your head on the bed, feel its weight and volume. Mentally repeats: I feel my head heavy. You do not have to do anything but let your head fall on the bed and lose control. Relax your neck. Pay attention to that area and feel as you relax, let go of all the tension. Relax your jaw that falls down; release the cheeks, nose, eyelids of your eyes and your muscles around, eyes too. Do not squeeze your eyes, just relax. Imagine that your eyes are leaning on two hammocks and you can let them fall, you do not have to hold them. Relax your forehead.


After. Check how your head has stayed behind the relaxation. Your neck, jaw, etc.

Now you're going to do the same with your right shoulder, bringing attention to him and repeating "I feel my right shoulder very heavy" Without any pressure or tension, letting it fall. Remember to breathe throughout the exercise. And you will go from your right shoulder to the right arm, elbow, hand and fingers, repeating mentally in each zone that you feel heavier. Feel the whole area of the body with mindfulness in it. Become aware of the relaxation of that part of your body. Now perform the same process with the left side, starting at the shoulder, down the arm, elbow, hand and fingers. Repeat mentally "I notice my heavy shoulder on the bed and very relaxed". Continue with your arm, elbow, hands and fingers.

 Compare the two arms and try to equal the level of relaxation. You can perceive them in a complete state of relaxation. They both are very relaxed and heavy on the bed or mat, as if they had a weight and fell down.


Check the level of relaxation between your hands, arms, etc.


Feel the rhythm of your breathing, feel your chest expand as you inhale and contract as you exhale. Feel the movement of your breath in your body. Notice the beating of your heart. Let your breathing happen by itself, just watch the movement.


Relax now the muscles of your abdomen, you can lose tension, loosen them. It also relaxes your entire back, from above to the sacrum, release it, note the weight on the bed or mat. 


Now pay attention to your hips, send your breath towards them and try to relax them to the maximum and try to reach a state of maximum relaxation. Now take your attention to your buttocks and your legs. First focus on the right leg, feel it heavy and notice how it relaxes, is released passing through your thighs, knees, twins. Then you reach the ankles, feet and toes of the right foot. Feel your leg heavy and in complete relaxation.


Now do the same with the left leg, passing through the thigh, knee, twin, ankle, foot and toes.


Compare the two legs and your arms and feel the relaxation of your whole body, feel as your body sinks in the bed or mat and repeats mentally; I feel relaxed and at peace.


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