7 Tips that will help you to improve your vision while you walk

Walking has lots of benefits for your health; it activates the blood circulation and tones your muscles. According to different researches, walking decreases the risk of diseases such as hypertension, and diabetes. Emotionally helps us relax and calm the mind. But did you know what is also good for your vision?  Take the opportunity to go out this spring! Walk, enjoy outside, breathe fresh air and improve your vision.

By walking, we have many opportunities to practice the Bates Method. We can see the opposite movement and we stimulate our periphery and the vision in general as we look at different things, colors, sizes, and distances by moving our focus close to far and far to close.

Also, you can take night walks through nature under the moonlight. That will stimulate your night vision  and it helps a lot in cases of myopia. When you do the night walks (without artificial light), there is more stimulation than when it is daytime and your eyes work to its fullest potential. In addition, it will become a great practice to complement with sunning. If you decide to take night walks, keep in mind the area where you do it, and if necessary, do it with people. 

Whenever you walk, you can combine it with other Bates Method exercises as The Sway, The long swing, shifting, etc.

In addition, here you have a few tips by walking:

1. Try to walk in natural areas. If you do not have another option, walk through the city, but at least try to be in a park and get away from the artificial landscapes. Ideally, walk the mountain, beach, or park. And if it is nighttime, it is important that there is no artificial light.    

2. Be aware about your posture: Keep your back straight, your tailbone inward, your shoulders relaxed and backward and do not collapse your neck, so that your chin is parallel to the ground. Avoid sending your head down and / or up, to avoid neck discomfort. Look forward. Contract your abdomen, it will help to protect your lumbar and to give more stability to your body, keep in mind that the abdomen is your center, and you will avoid imbalances. Support first the heel on the floor and then the tip of the foot.

3. Do not wear glasses: Take that time to practice the Bates Method. Take rest from the glasses and let your eyes move freely. Centralize, look at details of things, near and far, and look at the things that attract to you for its beauty.

4. Breathe: Of course, as always. But try to fill your lungs completely, performing a full, slow and deep breath. Traditional yogis perform long breaths, that makes you being more relaxed. Also, your body nutrition will have more quality. Breathe through your nose, feeling as the air reaches your abdomen, then your thorax and finally your upper chest. When you inhale your abdomen expands and when yo exhale, it contracts.

5. Blink: We have already discussed the importance of blinking. A soft, relaxed, and frequent blinking is the  best for your eyes. Try to incorporate it every day and become aware of it in your walks.

6. Move your eyes around: Take the opportunity to look around freely. Let your eyes explore up, down, sideways ... moving your head with your eyes.

7. Look at the things without grabbing anything, letting the images come to you. Accept the blur: I know this can be difficult at the beginning. Try to go places where you feel comfortable, take it as a game and enjoy. Improving your vision does not have to be hard and suffering.

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