How to do the sway

Hi everyone!


I am very sorry for my long break in my blog during the last weeks. It's been a very busy month since I moved back to Spain.


Now, I am ready to go on! Very soon, I will tell you news about new exciting events around the world :)


Today, let's talk about the sway, a classical bates method practice. The sway is great to integrate movement and relaxation and it is a good one to include in your daily routine. As you know, movement is one of the three Bates Method principles to integrate. 



To do the sway:

Stand with your legs about one to two feet apart and your knees slightly bent. Sway the body side to side, from left to right. Everything should be moving together, the open eyes, body and head. This is like sweeping the landscape. Don't stop in the centre, and keep the neck relaxed. Breathe in at one side, and then breathe out up to the centre and across. Blink soft and easy. Relax.


Check the link with the video below and I wish you a lovely week.



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