The power of affirmations to improve your vision

An affirmation is a positive statement about something that induces or describes something positive. Affirmations can be used for anything, including your vision.

Affirmations can be said mentally, heard or simply repeated. By mentally repeating that affirmation your subconscious is catching it. You believe that reality and you are projecting that. Your affirmation becomes your new reality because you build a suitable environment for it.

When you are surprised by a negative thought, use a statement and change your mind.

Here are some examples of affirmations that may help you:

Choose a different affirmation everyday and repeat it as many times as you remember. The next day, choose another one. Also, you can create your own affirmations, and don't limit yourself only to the vision, the possibilities of change are infinite . You will be surprised with the results.


Now you have several tools to heal the emotional aspect; Positive thinking, affirmations, keys to constancy.  Although, there are more techniques, you have more than enough to start. Use them!

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    Kanimozhi Vinay (Thursday, 07 July 2022 04:02)

    I need eye technique to heal my eyes please guide me