8 Guidelines to be persevering in your natural vision practice

When I think about what we need to improve our vision and get good results; my conclusion is always that we require to be persevering and having a positive attitude. Often, I find that it is hard to carry out one of them or even both . That is why I am going to write a series of articles to deepen these subjects, which are based more on practical aspects of how to face your day to day. 

As I've said before, to integrate habits and to achieve goals in our life,  we need perseverance. But, it is true that sometimes we find it difficult to persevere in our objectives; first because we are waiting for the results and we want them in the very short term. And secondly, because we impose dates to ourselves to see results. And according to some processes, that does not work, because the result depends on many factors. And then, with this situation, it happens that we lose motivation as it fluctuates. Sometimes it is high and sometimes low. And it can also happen that we do not have the willpower that we need  to make changes.

With this situation, we should review all the tools that we have to achieve the best results. Here I leave you some guidelines that will help you to be constant in your natural vision practice and in whatever you propose.

8 Guidelines to be perseverance in your natural vision practice

1) Define properly what you want to achieve and divide it into several goals:

My advice is to define several goals from easiest to hardest rather than only one hard goal. So, each time you get one goal, you will motivate yourself for the next as if it were a prize. For example, instead of using the objective: seeing 20/20 or 100% without glasses, I would go step by step;


- Wear more often the pinhole glasses

- Wear less the normal glasses

- Stop using normal glasses

- See another line in the eyechart

- Recovering my night vision

- Etc,

These goals will obviously vary depending on your personal case.

 2) Find out what you need to do achieve that goal: In the case of improving your vision; read, try, go to workshops, private sessions, watch videos, go to meetings, become an expert of natural vision and your of your own case.

3) Create a routine: Once you know what you need to do, make a daily routine with the necessary exercises or practices and set the duration and schedules.

4) Register everything about your vision: Record how your vision is before you start working with it. Measure the distance, the letters you see on each line and write them down. Write everything you do about your vision routine daily and what you do not do as well. It is nice to write feelings, emotions. And you can write a vision diary. This will help you to be disciplined.

5) Find people with the same interest or who are experiencing the same process: Create a group on Facebook, Meetup or announce in a community center that you want to meet people to practice natural vision. Or just stay with people who are already interested in it, such as workshop students, friends, family, etc.

6) Stop doing activities that do not promote this goal: Eliminate or reduce activities that prevent you from performing your routines, or that will slow down the goal achieved. If you watch a lot of television, try to minimize that activity, as if you use the computer a lot. And if possible, dispense with it.

7) Be aware of small changes and write them down. Think about the benefits that gives you day to day caring for your vision. No matter how small, if your vision has improved, that is something that you have done. Be aware of it and encourage yourself to continue improving your vision.

8) Look for the way to enjoy the practice;  It can be due to the schedule, the place where you do it, how you do it or the use of other elements like music. It doesn't matter what! But, do it in a nice environment, where you feel comfortable  and gift that time for yourself.

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