How long will it take to improve my vision?

Often, I got emails and messages with a big concern about The Bates Method; How long it will take to improve my vision? When will I quite my glasses? This is the million-dollar question and quite popular in Bates Method forums and vision improvement support groups. Actually, it is a question with no answer and the most asked question by someone who wants to improve their vision.


Personally, I never asked to my natural vision teachers how long it would take to improve my own vision.  Maybe because I already knew that they couldn't give me an answer, or maybe because I was familiar with the Bates Method and I could understand that we were talking about habits. But don't misunderstand me.  Like you, I wanted to know it and I would wish to have a clear, concise and premonitory answer.

As I always say (and you would be tired of listening me); the natural vision recovery is a process. A process is a set of successive phases of a natural phenomenon or an artificial operation. We try to integrate new healthier habits in this process and it will develop in a specific time. But we can't guess how long it will be in this case. There is no definitive answer as there are several factors that depend on your visual recovery. The good new is that although your recovery is not complete yet, every day you will improve a little if you continue with your practice.


Before starting to disengage this question I would like you to imagine in a situation; You have been sedentary for years. From work to car, from car to couch, and from couch to bed. Some sporadic walking but not a very active life. The muscles of your body are not strong or flexible. There is rigidity, pain, tension ... The doctor, family and friends start telling you that you should do more sport. You also realize that you are limited in things you do everyday. So you're going to start doing physical activity, and you want to know how much time you'll need to lose one kilo, two, three or twenty. Also, you want to know how many days it will take you to gain flexibility or strength. No one can give you that answer and you cannot give it to yourself because as an individual you have characteristics, circumstances, and availability, habits that will determine the development of this new process. But the truth is that it will take you some time (not necessarily much) to gain flexibility, improve your posture, gain strength and eliminate fat. It is about changing to a healthier habits, diet, exercise and lifestyle.


Elementary, my dear Watson. It happens the same with your eye muscles than with your body muscles. Just like when you start exercising after a sedentary period of life you feel better and you notice changes soon. With the eyes happen the same. But changing the structure of your muscle anywhere in your body will take longer.


There are those who say that to implant a habit you have to do it every day for 21 days.

I have my doubts, but still it seems a good start.


Below I leave you the infographic with the factors that influence the visual improvement. Only, take it into account. This information is not here to limit you, but it is to resolve some doubts and help you.


Factors affecting the vision improvement with The Bate Method
Factors affecting the vision improvement with The Bate Method

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