Face-to-face workshops

Adults are welcome to the workshops. Anyone who wants to learn natural eyesight can attend to the courses. It doesn't matter if you have experience in the Bates Method or not, or what your visual condition is. Even adults with a normal vision are welcome to attend and learn how to prevent poor eyesight developing. Some parents with no visual conditions come to understand this process and to help their children. 


During the workshop we remove our glasses and relax with the different activities. Then, it is possible to learn to see without glasses and experience clear “flashes” (brief periods of perfect vision). In addition, it is interesting to share with more people who are experiencing the same as you. 


It is a practical workshop which you can apply in your daily life. 


These workshops are also available in Spanish and English language.


Private Intensive Workshops are also available under request (Alicante or different cities).


If you are interested in a workshop in your city  contact me. I am happy to move around the world.